« Le jazz et la salsa » en anglais

« Le jazz et la salsa » en anglais

18 mars 2019    
The best articles of "Le jazz et la salsa" in English.

Mundo Latino

“Mundo Latino” is the historical site of “Le jazz et la salsa”, hosted on the former Wordpress platform of Le Monde. It contains the archives of the blog. You can also find the English translations of the best articles published on “Le jazz et la salsa”.

- Ethiel Failde : For the Love of Danzón;
- 2020: The Year’s Top-Rated Albums;
- Te Lo Dije: Harold López-Nussa’s pop album.

Many thanks to John Radanovich for his talent and his friendship.

London Jazz News

Founded in 2009 by Sebastian Scotney, London Jazz News Sebastian Scotney in 2009, London Jazz News provides what has been called “the most in-depth local jazz coverage on the planet” — The Jazz Line (May 2013).

Orquesta Akokán (sortie d’album, juillet 2018) ;
Carmen La Cubana (preview du concert au Sadlers Wells, juillet 2018) ;
Ramón Valle (interview pour le concert au Ronnie Scott’s, août 2018) ;
Fidel Fourneyron’s ¿Que Vola ? (interview pour le concert au Earth Hackney, avril 2019) ;
Jacques Schwarz-Bart (interview, sortie d’album, mars 2019).

Many thanks to Sebastian Scotney for his time and his interest.

Enjoy your reading,

Yannick Le Maintec

(c) image : Affiche anglaise du spectacle “Carmen La Cubana”